Welcome! We are glad that you found Linda Shea's dog training school, The Educated Dog, web site.

The Educated Dog: The Educated Dog is primarily focused on dog and handler teams that have a goal to compete in obedience trials. Linda is the sole instructor at "The Educated Dog". Dogs at her classes come in all shapes and sizes representing all seven of the AKC groups and even some that do not fall into any of the groups. These dogs have earned various obedience titles through Obedience Trial Championships.

Training Philosophy: Linda's training philosophy, "I often I see my teams thinking as a single unit they understand each other so well. I love to see them training or competing, relaxed, having fun and able to enjoy their time together. The results of this training are priceless. Success comes with integrity, respect, patience, creativity and humor. The relationship between a dog and handler grows through this kind of competition training."

About Linda: Linda has been actively training since she was 8 years old. She has raised and trained Beagles, Poodles, Golden Retrievers, Belgian Tervurens, Shelties, Pomeranians, All American Dogs, rabbits, horses and a collection of miscellaneous critters. Along the way Linda with her dog partners have successfully earned seven Obedience Trial Championships (OTCh), received perfect 200 scores and placed at national dog trials. It's very common for an audience to gather when Linda and one of her canine partners are in the ring; they love to watch the enthusiastic performance. Fifty years after Linda started, she is as ever fascinated, intrigued and often amused with our relationships with our pets.